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Privacy Policy

We try to collect as little personal data from our users as possible, but we do typically require your email address in order to deliver price alerts and other site-related messages. Please do not give us your email address if you do not want us to contact you. We do not sell your email address or share it outside our company. We will purge it from our database on request; email hello@pricehusky.com to request data deletion. Easy enough.
There are, however, a few ways in which we utilize third party services to help run / fund the site:
  • Affiliate Marketing. When you buy a product through our site, Shopee pays us a percentage of each sale. This does not impact your price in any way, and helps pay to keep the site online. We do not track (and do not want to track) who buys what, nor are we able to do so.
  • Analytics. Our web traffic is also analyzed by third party companies, for our own internal reporting and server monitoring. We do not track website activity at the individual level, only in anonymized aggregate.
Last updated: 24 August 2022
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